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ICT infrastructure and design

based on Ultra High Speed Network Technologies

Fiber Optic

Our provided Technology is focused on the design, deployment and management of new generation High Speed networks for the hotel industry. The new generation of passive fiber optical networks guarantees a high quality experience while reducing costs and simplifying network management. With guests “connected” all day and with greater communication needs, our ONE SOLUTION is the perfect proposition for the hotel industry'

  • No distance limitations: Fiber links up to 30km!

  • Passive distribution elements: No energy consumption in transport, no need for active equipment or ventilation.

  • Low installation cost: Reduction in the number of active equipment and cables installed.

  • Reliability: No active equipment that can affect the network and the optical fiber does not suffer interference or rust .

  • Scalability: ONE Solution allows to scale the network according to needs.

  • Durability: The average fiber life ranges between 30 – 50 years.

  • Low cost of ownership: Unified hotel connectivity services.


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