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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

‘’The IPTV Solution is an ally for hotels during the Covid-19 period"

Due to the pandemic, a lot has changed in the field of hotels and hospitality, especially this season. Changes that affect both the visitor and the hosting structure itself.

The need for visitors


The hotel visitor needs to be informed of a number of primitive changes in order to comply with the hotel's new operating regulations amid the pandemic..


In this murky landscape we must guide the visitor correctly always keeping in mind his psychology as well as the fact that he is here for a vacation. The visitor should feel safe and the only way to achieve this is to aim for the correct and constant information. To provide him easily and simply all the necessary information during his stay.

Health and safety

Information that has to do initially with the protection of the health of himself and his people and consequently of the other guests of the hotel, its staff and the protection of the community itself.

Procedures & practices

However, the visitor should be aware of other more practical issues related to his stay, such as:

Where can he have breakfast - in which area of ​​the hotel?

When is it allowed?

Where will he find an antiseptic or a mask?

How should it move in the area of ​​the pool and / or the beach?

What are the rules of structure for social distance?

What are the emergency telephones to be informed about the hygiene rules? What to do if you have symptoms · What procedure does the hotel follow in case of a case in the structure? · What are the procedures for cleaning and disinfecting the room between check-ins? · How does it secure its transactions?

These are just some of the information / instructions for which the visitor should be constantly informed and immediately informed of any changes in the procedures, as the procedures change dynamically depending on the course of the pandemic both in the community and in the unit structure..

The need that is formed for you, the hoteliers From the point of view of the administration and management of the hotel, there should be a direction towards the protection of the spread of the virus and the protection of public health. So the hotel should have a plan and procedures in place in this direction, in order to contribute: · Encouraging the guest to spend more time in his room, giving him premium room services for free. Such as pay TV channels for free, guaranteed speeds and secure in-room wifi staff, as well as constant updates.

· In the automation of offering offers for room service and ala carte services. · At the urging of the visitor to use individual entertainment packages such as diving, outdoor exercise, hiking, biking etc and not group excursions and sightseeing packages. So information means security in this difficult equation that we have to solve and information requires correct information ..and there are many! So the information that should be offered to the visitor during his stay is a lot but it is necessary.

So information means security in this difficult equation that we have to solve and information requires correct information ...and there are many! So the information that should be offered to the visitor during his stay is a lot but it is necessary.

Information and suggestions that create a sense of security and recognition for everyone's effort. Information and actions that make the visitor an active ally of this effort and ensure - as much as possible - a safe and pleasant stay. Surely the visitor will feel informed and part of an active small community with a sense of responsibility towards others and the country they are visiting.

Here we have to consider that the visitors are of different nationalities, which means that the same precautionary measures may not apply in their countries, one more reason to be aware of the protocols and procedures that apply in the country during their stay.

But how can all this information reach the visitor successfully? How can she get to him properly and without confusing or tiring him? How on the part of the hotel will the staff be relieved of the many questions, queries and clarifications from the guests? How will the visitor be constantly informed of any changes in procedures or how will he be informed immediately in an emergency?

The Solution

The solution is in the hotel's IPTV technology and in the well-designed interactive content of the platform. It is the only guaranteed and direct way for the correct transmission of information at any time to the visitor, in his room. · Information, instructions, change of procedures, emergency messages, live updates, texts and photos are available to all hotel guests at the same time and will be there - on their TV - to watch whenever they want. · Through IPTV can be given the way of online booking for the visitor for any hotel service and / or make special requests for products suitable for the protection against the new virus (antiseptics, masks, etc.).

How to apply In the technical dimension of the theme to achieve such a thing requires the configuration of the structure of the interactive content of the platform. Visual content and new texts with instructions and navigation are essential. A separate section should be created within the IPTV content for COVID-19 with all useful information and instructions, regulations and procedures. Hotels that have already invested in IPTV systems should configure the content of the platform in order to properly inform the visitor and in turn participate in the protection of the public health

New hotels being built or renovated will need to invest in this technology. We inform the visitors, we take an active part in the treatment of the new virus, we take vacations, we stay safe!

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